Author / avid reader.  Oddness intrigues me as much as familiarity comforts me.  My current work-in-progress, The Layers Beneath,  is the second book in the Detective Bobby Taylor series and a follow-up to ” Cold Currents ,” the gritty mystery/thriller series premier represented by Stacey Donaghy of  The Donaghy Literary Group. My first novel, “Rockapocalypse“, a YA crossover, was published in September 2012.

  1. Sherry Foley says:

    I’m glad I wandered onto your blog. I enjoyed reading it and like your “options open” approach as opposed to some who seem to just want to bash one side or the other.


    Happy writing-



  2. ariesgrl23 says:

    Hello. My name is Nicole, aka Ariesgrl. I came across your site, and wanted to say congrats on your news! Good luck with your writing career.


  3. jansurban says:

    Good afternoon. I’ve nominated you for the Reader Appreciation Award. I always enjoy visiting your blog and come away from it a much better person for having visited. Please visit my blog, http://jansurban.wordpress.com/2012/08/23/wow-nobody-told-me-i-could-get-an-award/, to see my post about the Reader Appreciation Award.


  4. Hi there you showed some interest in creating a cover for my upcoming poetry anthology.
    The title will The Vault: The Main Floor
    By Jennifer David (Writings of a Mrs)
    I was hoping for some kind of vault or elevator idea but I am open to ideas!

    Here are the spec requirements for Smashwords covers.

    Book covers must be uploaded as image files (files that end with .jpeg, .jpg or .png), not as PDFs for Word documents, and must include the book title and the author name. The cover should show the front of your book only, not the back cover you use for print. It must be two-dimensional, not 3D or pseudo-3D. Cover images must not contain web addresses on the front cover (some retailers will reject them for this reason) or promises of products not included in the book (such as, “Comes with a free CD!”). They should be vertical rectangle-shaped (the height is greater than the width), not squares, and must be a minimum width of 1,400 pixels. A recommended size is approximately 1,600 pixels wide by 2,400 pixels tall (the proportions of most paperback books in the USA, which have height 1.5 times greater than their width). To view the pixel dimensions, right mouse click on the image and click properties. There’s room for personal preference. Aim to make the height approximately 30-60% greater than the width and the book should look good. When Smashwords or our retail partners receive your cover, it will often be converted to multiple smaller sizes, so don’t make your title text or author name too small, otherwise it’ll be unreadable when it’s shrunk down to thumbnail size. If you’re creating your own cover image, you will use a graphics program. Several Smashwords authors use and recommend Gimp, which is a free but full-featured graphics program (the covers for the Smashwords Style Guide and Smashwords Book Marketing Guide were both created in Gimp). Other free programs are Paint.net and Editor (sorry, we cannot answer support questions about how to use these programs). Covers that have mostly text and sharp lines are best saved in PNG format. Covers that contain photographs are often too large when saved in PNG and these will need to be saved in JPEG (JPG) format (make sure that you use a high-quality setting so that the text doesn’t come out fuzzy).

    You can contact me further at writingsofamrs@outlook.com

    Thank you for your support and interest!



  5. archecotech says:

    Byron, enjoyed exploring your blog and your website. I’m in the process of writing myself and love reading about what others are writing. Love the idea for Rock Apocalypse, curious how’s it going? I’m also just about ready to launch my new blog, Writers Un-Block – The Journey: From Publishing to Readership. The concept behind the blog is to introduce writers to the world readership marketplace, integrated with Author’s experiences with publishing either through self publishing or the traditional publishing methods, it will be a place where publishers can find new talent, where new authors can read and learn from those who have already been through the process, plus provide a forum were authors can submit small portions of their work for critiquing, etc. Been looking for the first several authors I’d like to introduce, are you interested?


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