A Shift in Perspective

Posted: April 11, 2015 in fiction, imagination, novel, Publishing, Writing

I am not dead.

Not physically, or creatively. But I’m older. And time waits for no one. That said, here’s where the rubber meets the road on this beautiful Spring day: I’m still on a 3-book-deal-seeking submission with my current agent, Stacey Donaghy of the Donaghy Literary Group, for COLD CURRENTS, I’ve parted ways with my second (and latest… and last) publisher for ROCKAPOCALYPSE, and I’ve planted my first garden in many, many years.

Time marches on, unrelenting, making me older and wiser.

Sometimes you have to shift your perspective… or it shifts for you. Mine shifted in a big way a few days ago as I perused my new garden for fresh shoots pushing courageously through the soil. Beginning May 1st I’ll be offering downloads, in various formats, of ROCKAPOCALYPSE and ANYTHING BUT for a small price on my author’s website. Over time, I hope the available selections will grow.

This will not be an easy venture. I’ll need the support of family, friends, associates, and anyone who genuinely loves a good tale. You won’t pay much and I won’t make much, after every part of the machine takes its slice, but that’s not what I wanted anyway. All I ever wanted was to entertain you with imaginary places and people whose lives mirror a bit of the happiness, sorrow and lessons of the heart that we all experience… and to make enough doing it to live a simple life doing what I love. Like the newly sprouted shoot that pushes skyward against great odds, I know I’ll have to be just as strong and tenacious to succeed.Bean seeds germinating shot

Please visit my website if you get a chance, even if it’s just to say “hi” in my guestbook. Your support means the world to me, and gives this old writer a tug on his creative heartstrings.

“…and with that, he was gone in a swoosh of wind and leaves and dust, leaving not so much an impression of being, as an impression of never was.”

  1. Linda Fields says:

    Byron . enjoyed reading the above ” A Shift in Perspective”. Would like to have your talent but not that fortunate. All I can do is read and enjoy books. You have reminded me that I need a shift in my perspective about a few things.


    • byronsuggs says:

      Thank you, Linda. I’m glad you enjoyed it and touched that my message has resonated with you. May I suggest that without avid readers like yourself, the worlds authors would be nothing more than introverted wordsmithing enthusiasts.


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