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Posted: March 6, 2014 in Writing

*WARNING: May contain language unsuitable for sensitive eyes*

Just a quick note to clarify my position on social media. But before I continue, here’s a few things you should know.

I tend to lean more toward “recluse” than “social butterfly.”

I try to avoid large crowds.

I do not stand in line. For anything. Period.

I tend to avoid “small talk.” It just feels so desperate to me, you know?

I usually cast a disdainful eye on politicians. Not because of politics, but because as people who seek so much attention in the public eye, they disturb me on many levels. Ditto for ALL famous celebrities.

Although I like good neighbors, I prefer that State Farm, or anyone else for that matter, live beyond visible and auditory range of my humble adobe. For that reason, I favor many acres and a half-mile-long driveway.

Family get-togethers make me uncomfortable. They always feel like the first day of show-and-tell after the summer school break.

I could go one, but I won’t.

When it comes to social media, I’m a hooker. A street-walker. A lady of the night. Easy. Jezebel. Strumpet. (Okay, maybe not a “strumpet”, but close.) I’m ALL OVER the place.

I’m here,  WEBSITE

here,  ABOUT.ME

here, literally  WORDPRESS





here, ROCKAPOCALYPSE: THE NOVEL (A page dedicated to my first novel)

And I’ll soon be here, WEBSTER FALLS MEDIA (as soon as the site goes live.)

I’m probably in a few places I’ve forgotten about, as well.

Of course, I’ve got blog interviews all over the place. The latest being here ALVA AXIOM

So, this is my Social MEdia footprint. Feel free to share. And all that “recluse” talk above? Well, truth and fiction go hand in hand, wouldn’t you say?





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