Looking for Mr(s.) Goodreader

Posted: February 5, 2014 in Writing

After a 5 month hiatus, Rockapocalypse is available again.

That’s right.

It’s available for an intimate relationship, a close encounter with all the optical and cerebral pleasures a good book can offer. It’s available… and it’s feeling a little frisky. Abstinence will do that to ANY hot-inked, all-American book.

Where was it at all this time, you ask?

Well, that’s a good question, friend. And I’ll tell you. But Rock’s story isn’t much different from a million others in this cold, unforgiving city of literary indifference.

Coming on the scene in Sept. 2012, it was unquestionably intriguing; a bit of literary eye-candy, eagerly set to engage and satisfy the randiest of bookworms. But as a newbie, it was all but lost in a sea of print that swelled to bursting as the self-publishing wave saturated the market and competition for attention grew enormous. It fought valiantly for a relationship in the reading ranks for a solid year, leaving no page unturned, no literary haunt unvisited, no social media outlet untouched.

On the outside it looked promising. Those who spent time with it praised Rock’s fulfilling ways and ability to satisfy. So much so that they left high words on the walls of its favorite hangout, Amazon.com. But on the inside, it became poisoned with self-doubt. It felt ugly and useless. It found its own image hideous and repulsive in the prosaic mirror. It lost its drive, its desire to entertain, to enchant, to please.

Then one day, distraught and defeated, it became unavailable to all with the tap-tap of a single key.

And 5 months passed…

Five months of soul-searching. Five months of change so deep, so profound, that one day it looked in that mirror and took its own breath away. Nothing had changed on the cover. Nothing had changed on the printed pages. But the change in attitude was so brilliant, so bright with “positive” energy, that it nearly blinded those who gazed upon it.

(*Note to self: remember, this is just a book.)

So… like I said, Rockapocalypse is available again. Back in the old game. Looking for Mr(s.) Goodreader,  or 51 Shades of Grey (yes, it has much more to offer), it’s back on the literary dating scene. In fact, it’s available right now… right here!

Hook up with it. You won’t be disappointed…


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