Winds of Change

Posted: August 5, 2013 in Writing

Today, with mixed emotions, I severed ties to my publisher. It was amiable, and I’m truly grateful for their faith in me AND my book, ROCKAPOCALYPSE, from the onset. The reasons for my decision were both professional and personal, and not wholly based on our professional relationship. The impetus in my case was “change”. And, as with any motivator, the decision to change came with qualifiers that tilt the balance of status quo. That’s my discombobulated way of saying that I won’t lay out the minute details for the world to see.

I’ve been very fortunate in the last few years to break through barriers that many writers face and struggle with every day. I’ve worked hard to do everything in my power to ride the momentum of that fortune. But today I woke on approximately the 19,927th day of my life and realized I was axle-deep in mud, my wheels spinning, with blinders on. So, I made the decision to exit this imaginary euphoria and breathe life back into my existence by creating WINDS OF CHANGE.

This process is much like spinning the cylinder in a game of Russian Roulette. Or riding on the hood of a car at sixty mph. Or that first jump from a perfectly good plane. Or…well, you get the picture. The bottom line is, once you’ve accepted this mindset, all bets of predictability are off.

What’s in my future? Flip a coin. I only know that…NO, I only guarantee that it won’t be boring, or mundane. It won’t drag on in “sameness”, or languish in a comfort zone. I self-published a little short story on Amazon called Anything But a few weeks ago. It’s a wicked little “fun ball”, a wild and crazy 21 pages of ripped pants and orange hair insanity. On reflection, I think the idea for that work was borne of my inner turmoil and discontent. It’s $.99 worth of “no-rules”, “in-your-face” non-conformity, and I think I nailed it pretty good. If you think I’m poo-pooing you, just rummage around in your stained couch cushions, or swear jar, for loose change and download it to your Kindle.

My second novel, Cold Currents, is still on submission with D4EO Literary. The market is slow for mystery/thrillers from new authors, but I fully believe it has the “voice” to reach a large market potential and I’ll shop it until somebody with vision and intestinal fortitude sees that. Bone Whispers, the follow-up to Currents, should be complete by year end barring my untimely demise.

As for “ROCKAPOCALYPSE”, it’s temporarily unavailable online, at least until I find a new home for it, or pub it myself. I still have paperbacks for a special low price of $8 if you’d like a signed copy. Just send me a message via the contact form or Guestbook on my website and we’ll work it out. Also, my campaign to adapt it to screen is still active and will be until they run me off. Why don’t you check it out?

The winds are blowin’ and I’m blowin’ in the wind! Thanks for your continued support!

  1. smnystoriak says:

    Hi Byron! This seems sad to me… But in some ways bittersweet, too. I enjoyed Rockapocalypse, as you know. I believe it will find a good home, and I am happy to have been able to do the interview with you. Good luck with the screen adaptation!!! Keep us posted!!!


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