Have You Failed Lately?

Posted: December 13, 2011 in imagination, Social Pulse Check, Writing

Failure, to most of us, is a bad word. It’s a last resort. It’s the one thing we try to avoid at all cost. We choose alternate words and phrases to mask this painful word. Words like ‘unsuccessful’ and phrases like ‘come up short’ or ‘almost succeeded’. Either way you dice it, if you tried to obtain a goal and didn’t succeed, then you failed at attaining it.

But is failure such a bad thing? Life is full of lessons and every lesson is defined more by failure than success. Where would we be if we didn’t learn valuable lessons in life. I like to think of a failure as a reason to try harder, a reason to keep on keeping on. I’ve failed at many things in my life, but I know I’m not a failure because do not accept the ‘failure’ attitude.

So, whether you’re a writer, a teacher, a student, a homebody, or just anyone, keep striving to reach your goals, to grasp your dreams, to succeed. Being a true failure is only possible when you give up on what you believe in and embrace an attitude of failure.

Spiffy fact: In case you failed to notice: Failure, or some form of the word, was used 11 times in this post.

  1. R. H. Culp says:

    It’s so detrimental to treat failure like it’s something that shouldn’t happen or is avoidable. Life is about making mistakes, learning from them, and then finding new mistakes to make. It’s the way we learn. Love the post.


  2. If you have never failed in life, that means you have never pushed yourself hard enough to realize your true capabilities.


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