Encore! (Not)

Posted: September 15, 2011 in Writing
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Okay, I was trying to think of what to blog about next, but I couldn’t concentrate. Sentences jumbled together in my head, tripping over one another in a slapstick way. I almost walked outside without my pants on this morning. My coffee grew cold in the mug because I forgot it was sitting there. Why? Because of Gordon Lightfoot (is that an Indian name?) Yes, I’m talking about the Canadian singer/songwriter/poet, etc.. It seems my frontal lobe, in a conspiratorial fashion, booked Mr. Lightfoot for a marathon concert in my head. The song list consist of one song: If You Could Read My Mind.

It started a few weeks ago when I came across an article about this song. It renewed my interest. In my youth, it was one of many songs that came out of my transistor radio and made the summer months more enjoyable. Yes, I know. Why would a young boy be interested in such a sentimental song, right? Well, my musical taste varied greatly, even at an early age. But like most people, the actual lyrics were not all that clear to me. I loved the tune and most of the words. It wasn’t until I looked them up on the internet that I truly saw the lyrical beauty of Gordon’s words.

Two phrases that I never realized existed made this song familiar to my soul all over again. In one (I won’t quote these word for word) he said that heroes rarely succeed. This seems like such a raw and honest assessment of everyday life, and is probably why the few who do succeed are more endeared to our hearts. The second phrase was one of emotional candor that I thought was the crowning moment when the song becomes really, really personal. He tells the woman he’s singing to that for this moment, right now, let’s just be honest and stop all the pretense. These two phrases made the song special to me all over again. I saw it in a new light!

And that was the error of my folly.

I’m not a negative person. I am not an angry person, by nature. But I’ve had a few falling-outs with Mr. Lightfoot over the last week or two. Do you know what it’s like to be mad about something that only exists in your head? That in itself disturbs me greatly.

So, consider this an exercise in exorcising this song from my head. Yes, Gordon, it was and will always be a hauntingly beautiful song. No Gordon, I cannot live with it looped inside my head for the rest of my life.

Have you ever had a song to get stuck in your head? How did you get rid of it? If you listened other music to drive it away, did it work? Or did it get replaced by another song? Feedback, please, before they find me naked in the street screaming horrible things at Mr. Lightfoot and banging my head with a skillet.

And yes, he IS singing If You Could Read My Mind for like the 800th time today as I type this…[expletive deleted]!


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