The Soup of Life: A Personal Reflection

Posted: August 14, 2011 in Writing

In my lifetime, I’ve come to realize that soups full of many things, are usually the best soups. The ingredients, taken individually, may not be to my liking, but blended with many ingredients and simmered adequately, they make a satisfying meal. Life itself is much like that. Each occurrence in our lives are like the individual ingredients, some good, some not so good, but in reflection, the soup was pretty good.

As my wife and I celebrate our 29th wedding anniversary today, I couldn’t help but reflect on that soup. As this year has unfolded, we’ve experienced some good and bad ingredients, and the combination has been rather bittersweet for me. The good has come in the form of the realization of what I want most out of life in personal growth: to pursue my writing, my passion. The completion of my first book, and the trails, errors and growing pains that a writer must endure, has been every bit as frustrating and satisfying as I would expect life to be. The excitement I feel now, as I write my second book, is fulfilling on a level that I’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing. My wife has been an solid supporter of this dream, and for that I am eternally grateful.

The bad ingredients, on the hand, have truly been bad. Yes, the bad has come in the form of the realization that we will lose a lot this year. As I stood on the shores of life watching countless people being swept away by economic disaster, I was blindsided by a disastrous wave of my own. The only consolation being that our children are making their own way now, building their own lives, and are no longer dependent on us.

Remember that soup? I’m not writing this to complain about those bad ingredients, or to toot my horn over my love of writing. Life is like a good soup. It will come with good and bad ingredients, but blended together and simmered over time, that soup will taste just fine on reflection. A soup full of those ingredients will be a life well lived. As for my wife and I, we will move forward and eventually reflect on how good the soup was in 2011. We will have each other, and we will survive. But one thing is certain and constant from this point on: I will write everyday, I will write with passion for what I love, and I will do it for the rest of my days. And if the first 29 years are any indication, my lovely wife will be there until the end.

  1. Hi Byron,
    Well said: life is like soup. It does come with so many things mixed in. I’ve seen good and bad in my life as well and here’s what I know: anything we live through helps to make us into the people we are today, bringing us further along in our journey. That can be very good if we make the right choices or not so good if we don’t. But here’s another thing I know: sometimes it takes the ‘bad’ to get us to recognize the ‘good’. It’s seeing the two perspectives that allows us to see things clearly and make the right decisions.


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