Oh, What a Character!

Posted: August 8, 2011 in characters
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Our writing characters…where do we get them? Every writer has a process of developing characters in their stories. And like every story, our characters are made up of bits and pieces, if I may, of characters we’ve used in the past, or read about, or saw on TV, etc..

But do you ever use bits of yourself in your MC? Or maybe in a supporting character? I think we all do, whether intentional or subconsciously.

But sometimes the evolution isn’t as subtle as that. In my first book, my MC was a boy named Pete Travers. Pete actually started out as me. He was me. And the setting was the town I grew up in. But over time, the book evolved. The town got a new name and Pete, well Pete evolved into someone that only Pete could be.

I must admit that somewhere along the way I felt just a little sad when I realized that I had been replaced with another character. But the fact was, Pete was much better at pulling off this story than I was. (Yes, I know. This is getting borderline weird🙂

So, how do you develop your characters? I’d like to know!



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