Laughing Triggers

Posted: June 24, 2011 in Writing
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I am flypaper in a world of buzz words and spiffy sayings. No, it’s true! If you have the great misfortune to be anywhere near me when you utter some fabulously original and witty phrase, you will undoubtedly see it fly from your mouth and stick to the side of my laughing head (where it will be absorbed and cataloged for reference). But most of these quirky words and phrases don’t come from others. I have enough outspoken nutcase characters within myself to keep me entertained. (No, I am not the “Sybil” of the new millennium.) An example of my madness comes to mind.

Doodads. That’s right, doodads. I hadn’t heard that term in years. Probably would have never uttered it again, except for the fact that my young protagonist needed something to describe a certain part of the male anatomy. So, I threw it in…

…and read it out loud.

I didn’t expect to laugh, much less fall out of my office chair. (Probably a result of too much revising?) I crawled from the floor and sat down again, glancing at my screen. Why did I read it again? I don’t know, but I didn’t wait around to fall again. I literally ran from my office, tears streaming down my cheeks. I passed my wife at the top of the stairs. I ran through the den and out the side door, searching for copious amounts of fresh air to inhale. The result? It stayed in my manuscript, and my wife hasn’t divorced me…yet. I even reference “balloon hat” along with it. (You would have to read it to understand…or maybe not.) It will never win any Sexy Prose awards, but maybe, just maybe another person will get the same enjoyment from it that I got. Just maybe…

Addendum: *idea before I published*

Backstory: It’s dry here. Very dry. You spend 355 days a year moisturizing your skin. The other 10? Standing in the rain.

So…catchy phrase for my WIP is already down.


**** The Itchy Nipple Tavern *scratch* *scratch*

Do you have a humorous saying or word that makes you grin instantly?

No? Well, go find something to laugh about. It’s a great stress reliever.


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