My Journey Through the Publishing World

Posted: May 11, 2011 in Rockapocalypse:A Boy's Tale

This is my initial blog post and I thought it would be appropriate to start with the reasons for this blog.  In January of 2011 I completed my MG novel Rockapocalypse: A Boy’s Tale.  Being fairly new to the publishing world, the learning curve has been tremendous concerning the mechanics of being published through traditional channels. Often I’ve wondered what it was like for an author 15 or 20 years ago, before technology changed the face of the industry. One of the first things pounded into my skull by those “in the know” was “platform, platform, platform”.  This was a new one for me, but once it was explained it made perfect sense. In a nutshell, it’s “branding” combined with “exposure” using social networks and the power of the Internet. I already had Facebook and Twitter, but blogging was not on my radar. Thus, here we are. And since I was seeking exposure for my book, what better chance than to create a blog devoted exclusively to my manuscript? My purpose is to brand both of us; myself and this part of me that I toiled to the paper.

I’ll try to keep some running news of my success (and possible setbacks) posted here as often as possible. Maybe it will give up and coming authors some insight to the road they have set their feet upon….


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