Solitary Thoughts: The Coin

Posted: May 1, 2011 in Writing

Writing is a solitary endeavor, hours spent bending, shaping, plotting, editing…well, the list could go on, but the bottom line is: It’s lonely. The “whole” of the writer is very much like a coin. One side encompasses all of the above. The other side? That’s what this blog is all about.

I had the good fortune to attend the Pikes Peak Writer’s Conference over the weekend. I’ve attended writer’s conferences before, so this was a great pleasure for me as I anticipated a time of learning, sharing and personal growth. I must admit, though, this conference opened my eyes. Like opening your back door on a Sunday morning, coffee in hand, and discovering the sidewalk of 5th Ave., Manhattan, at the bottom of your steps. The nuances, trends and future direction of publishing were all there for the taking. I learned the importance of networking, which sometimes trumps the traditional processes we are told to follow (more on that at a later date), although those processes are important and should be adhered to whenever possible. I met many great people, shared my thoughts on this writing life, and found it very therapeutic, enabling to my task at hand.

As for inspiration, I found it on all levels. People with the desire and drive in their eyes to succeed in this craft, to be recognized and gain acceptance among their peers. People who have found that success, who now have a passion to help others realize their dreams as well. People who have mastered their craft and taken it to the pinnacle, who recognize fellow writers and encourage them to persevere, to pursue their dreams tirelessly, all the while remaining humble. Thank you, Mr. Hart for telling us in so many words that if we dream it, it must be possible.

So, take this two-sided coin we call writing and nurture both sides, the whole if you may, because writing does not have to be a solitary venture, and is rarely successful when we acknowledge only one side. Network, network, network!


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